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Awakening the Awareness and Conciseness in People and Organisations.

YPO Mallorca Reboot Camp

Dear participant,

Now that the indulgences of the holidays are over, it’s time to hit the restart button. Are you craving a change but don’t know where to begin or need that extra motivational push? Do you want to learn how to operate your mind and body more efficiently? Are you ready to break through barriers and finally touch upon a sense of enlightenment?

Join the Executive Development Network for Restart Bootcamp 2016! Members and their spouses and partners are invited to join Lukas Melichar (serial entrepreneur and sportsman) and Liam Forde (CEO, co-founder/partner of The Zone, life balance coach and author), to focus on the hot issues and challenges connected with rediscovering yourself and aligning your consciousness with what you want to achieve.

Join Us to Experience

  • Deep discussions exploring ourselves, our beliefs, values, purpose and awakening spirit and heart.
  • Physical training focused on getting outside our comfort zones, being in nature, listening to our bodies and working on better control over our minds.
  • Executive development working sessions and sporting activities with a personal coach that includes running, biking, swimming, tennis or golf.
  • Forum-style sessions, class exercises and relaxation activities which may include visits to the spa, receiving a massage, social dining and more.
  • Luxury apartments located in the Colònia de Sant Jordi, an old fishing village surrounded by the beautiful beaches of Els Estanys, Es Trenc, Es Dolç and Es Carbó.

Members will be encouraged to leave with a better understanding of their purpose and vision as well as a heightened sense of self-confidence. Register now to secure your space!

Fast Facts

What: Executive Development Network Restart Bootcamp 2016, 2017, 2018 2019

Where: Colonia Sant Jordi, Spain

The event won Best of the Best in 2016 and received perfect 5.0 YPO rating

Winner of Best Personal Network Small Event

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Executive Development Training. For people who need some impulse for change in life, are in transitions, or just ready for something different to experience. Exploring ourselves mentally, physically and intelectually. Explore the belief system, know ourselves better, operate the mind more efficiently, know better what to do by understanding the purpose and vision, get back to self-confidence.

Business consulting services include company restructuring, start-ups advisory and funding, M&A consulting, cost saving or cost optimization, business plans, crisis management, high level lobby and a senior team coaching and mentoring.

Personal mentoring and coaching for…overcoming failures and hard times, dealing with success and losses, increasing the ability to know there is a choice, changing the way people think, improving the world by changing ourselves, loving & servicing others, living deliberately, taking personal responsibility for lives, making the difference by learning how to operate our minds, experiencing and feeling the present time, sport & fitness coaching, healthy living & eating, happiness & life coaching.

Some references:

SoGe, Polaroid Corp, Bank One Equity, Maxxium, Coca-Cola Company, Beverage Services Limited, PPF, Česká pojišťovna, Generali PPF Holding, AIG, International SOS, Blue Cross Travel Services, Raiffeisen Bank, Young President’s Organization, Sfinance, Bankerat, Tax Resolution Services, Encor Capital Management, The Zone, RPT Systems, LionExpo, Telefonica, Wayra, Crocodille, Bageterie Boulevard, WSF Group, Crestyl, Generali Real Estate, Alchymist Hotels, KKCG, Pinelli Hotels


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